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Mexican and Spanish artist, born in Mexico City in 1979, currently lives and works in Barcelona.

Leo Altamirano is an artist in constant change, inspired by the emotional strength of Frida Kahlo and the essence of Dalí, currently mixing expressionism with pop art as material for the next exhibition "Transparent".

2O15 - 2O18 Barcelona, Creation of web pages and marketing, contemporary pop art portraits, interior design and painter and designer for Magic Gardens.
2O13 London, Contemporary pop art portraits.
2O11 Canary Islands, Interior Design.
2O1O Barcelona, Art exhibition ECLIPSE at the Space Sea Gallery.
2OO9 Barcelona, Interior design and print in clothes and textiles.
2OO7 Mexico City, Art exhibition HIBRIDO at the Clock Tower gallery.
2OO5 Mexico City, Design of commercial spaces and window dressing.